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'Game of Thrones' is a big part of our cultural Lexicon

Podcast: We've returned! And we're so ready to discuss Lexicon and "Game of Thrones," so beware all the spoilers.


OK, so we took a week to rest on our laurels (and travel and launch some new little things) but we're back to amuse and assault your earholes.

Last week we finished Lexicon by Max Barry and this week we're discussing it in all its spoiler-y goodness. Want more spoilers? We've got 'em -- in our chat about the "Game of Thrones" premiere and how PornHub usage drastically, terribly dropped off during it.

Again, a reminder that spoilers are the name of today's show (well, sort of).

Truce or Consequences (s1e8)

Here's all the trailers we talked about this week:

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