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When can I live in virtual reality?

Podcast: Virtual reality is more awesome than we thought and why Jeremy has 'roid rage. Plus, Book Club begins and we choose what we're going to read for the next week.

Continuity Error: Okay Awesome (s1e5)

With the arrival of Oculus Rift, Caitlin and Jeremy finally got to try the harbinger of VR and (spoiler alert) it was as awe-inspiring as you've been led to believe. Plus, our top 5 (give or take) VR films.

Also we begin Book Club! A monthly (weekly? How fast do *you* read? How fast should we read?) series about a sci-fi or genre book. This week we're going to start Lexicon by Max Berry. Follow along with us!

And finally, we both saw "Batman v Superman" and it was frightening in every sense of the word. It left Jeremy with serious 'roid rage.