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Constrvct: Digital textile printing makes anyone a fashion star

Explore your own fashion frontier with Constrvct, a clothing company that prints your own photos and designs on textiles for dresses and shirts.

Constrvct photo shirt
This custom HTML shirt is an example of what Constrvct can do.

With a new season of "Project Runway" under way, many viewers are daydreaming about becoming fashion designers. If the Constrvct (the "v" is intentional) Kickstarter project gets off the ground, you won't have to just daydream anymore.

Constrvct combines photography, individually made garments, crowdsourcing, and a whole lot of fashion sense into a project that will turn out unique clothing designed by contributors, rather then predetermined by the company.

A user uploads a photo, plays around with the placement on a variety of clothing items, and orders the outfit. The photo is digitally printed onto fabric and then sewn into the size and shape of the requested garment.

This means your 1977-style Instagram photo of your dog Fluffytoes could be made into an off-the-shoulder dress. You could plaster an LOLcat all over a T-shirt. The possibilities are enormous.

A Kickstarter pledge will get you discounts on the eventual prices once the store opens to the public. A $199 pledge will get you a custom dress and $95 will buy a T-shirt. All of the garments are made from organic cotton jersey.

Now that you have access to the power of fashion, use it wisely. Your most embarrassing Facebook photos could appear in real life in T-shirt form, but let's hope your friends have more discretion than that.

Constrvct photo dress
This dress started with a photo. Constrvct