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Conan using 'Tonight Show' site for eBay sales

Having offered the "Tonight Show" for sale on Craigslist, Conan O'Brien is using the NBC site to link to selling "Tonight Show" items on eBay.

This is the finest NBC sit com since "The Office."

The spittle being tossed by Conan O'Brien toward NBC executives who have removed his show from its time slot and Jay Leno, who is re-taking it over, is both tautly orchestrated and touchingly sincere.

Last week, O'Brien offered to sell the "Tonight Show" on Craigslist.

Now, in what appears will be his final week as host of the NBC show, he is using the "Tonight Show" Web site to link to show memorabilia he claims to want to sell on eBay.

O'Brien is currently offering a "Tonight Show" carry-on bag. This Victorinox Mobilizer NXT 4.0 has some impressive features: A "legacy of both Swiss innovation and a 7-month-run of a late night institution!"; it also enjoys "Isotech ballistic nylon fabric" and a "43 inch aluminum handle".

The NBC site links through to the eBay listing for the bag. The seller is listed as "thetonightshowwithconanobrien" and, according to its eBay profile, this merchant of mirth has 100 percent positive feedback.

Bidding ends January 22, which might, indeed, be the last night of the show's existence.

At the time of writing, there were already 74 bids. Some, offering as much as $999,999, appear not to be entirely serious. However, the need to pay for the shipping appears to be entirely serious.

One can only hope that the proceeds will be shared among the members of O'Brien's staff.