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Conan turns the tables on Apple nude-photos hacker

Conan O'Brien claims he hired a crack team of techies to reveal the intimate life of the hacker who stole celebrities' nude photos from their iCloud accounts.

Naked and exposed. Team Coco screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

In the last couple of days, I suspect, some of you will have wondered what a certain man or men look like naked.

It may have been a fleeting thought. It may have lingered. But the individual or individuals who crept into celebrities' private lives in order to have a good leer managed to achieve a certain notoriety.

Conan O'Brien understands your impulses, so he claims to have sicced a team of techies on the hacker who somehow figured out a way to access celebrities' iCloud accounts (Apple says its systems were not at fault). And O'Brien further claims the posse was able to secure intimate shots of the hacker's personal life.

They make for disturbing viewing.

Here is a man who tries to fit a bra on his cat. He bathes with his blow-up doll. And then there's the bullwhip.

Of course this isn't the real hacker. It would be interesting, however, to know whether those who seem to enjoy exposing others would be quite so entertained if they themselves -- and their feeblenesses and foibles -- were revealed for all the world to, well, enjoy.

Would they be able to laugh it off? Would they claim that the pictures were fake?

Or would this be the only way they even began to understand what it feels like to have the very things you want kept private hung on the public washing line?