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Conan reads emojis, detects strange meanings

Conan O'Brien is confident he understands all the new emoji characters. Perhaps he's over-confident.

You'll never guess what he sees here. Conan/Daily Motion screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you're fond of sending an image of opened scissors to your friends to tell them to "cut it out," you'll feel like you speak the emoji language.

Conan O'Brien, on the other hand, is legendarily techno-naive.

One suspected, then, that when he declared himself fluent in emoji, his confidence might be misplaced.

And so it proved as he presented a whole three minutes of his emoji expertise to a waiting world. In staring at whole sentences of emoji-only communications, Conan found outre meanings.

The emoji of a dog, next to one of a lipstick apparently means: "My dog really likes you."

The emoji of a finger pointing down signifies that your fly is undone.

But then Conan found interpretations that few might have reached. How could he possibly have believed that one series of five symbols means that a woman was telling a man his aim was poor?

When it came to high heels and, well, an emoji of a basketball and a saxophone, you began to realize that Conan might himself enjoy interesting chats with his personal psychologist. Or, perhaps, priest.

Oddly, Conan even revealed that there's a Dr. Phil emoji.

One of the greatest sources of pain in modern society is to send an emoji that's misinterpreted. Conan proved just how easy that is to do.