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Conan O'Brien's office is staffed by robots

It's not just tech companies and factories that employ robots. You'll also find them on the job at "Conan," at least in a new sketch cooked up for the late night show.

Conan/YouTube screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Conan O'Brien's show may be more cutting-edge than most people think, at least when it comes to its office staff.

Referring to a recent story that Apple (via its Foxconn supplier) would reportedly use robots to help build the iPhone 6, O'Brien said Thursday night, with tongue firmly in cheek, that he's been using robots to make his show since it began. Half of the talk show host's staff actually consists of robots. And to demonstrate his robots in action, O'Brien then segued into a sketch.

Displaying several robots doing small but vital jobs that can be found in many offices, the sketch showed one robot who's constantly on Facebook. Another robot bothers fellow employees with tired catchphrases such as "Working hard, or hardly working?"

A third robot spends all its time on personal calls, making sure to speak loudly enough so that everyone else can hear. There's the robot who takes the yogurt with your name on it from the refrigerator.

Another robot stops fellow workers who leave early with such snide comments as: "I guess it's a half day." And of course, there's the robot who surfs porn sites all day but turns off the screen when someone else walks by. Unfortunately, that robot still has some kinks to work out as it managed to electronically short-circuit its computer monitor as it attempted to disable the porn.

The moral of the story? Let's hope these robots never make it into the average workplace, because they're just as annoying as their human counterparts.