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Conan O'Brien has great ideas for other new Facebook buttons

Conan thinks like and dislike are just a few of the reactions you should be able to express on Facebook with the click of a button. We like that idea.

Facebook said Tuesday that it would be adding a dislike button of sorts to the popular social network. But should users have even more options than just liking and disliking posts?

Conan O'Brien thinks so, and on Wednesday's episode of "Conan," he revealed some of the other ways he'd like to be able to express himself on Facebook.

For example, if your friends are oversharing pictures of their new baby, maybe a "Your baby is not as cute as you seem to think it is" button would be more fitting. Or maybe a "I drank 10 beers and don't remember liking this" button for those times when you should have just put your phone down while at a party instead of liking random things on Facebook.

Those are just a few of Conan's spot-on recommendations that I think Mark Zuckerberg and company should start working on right away. But first, Facebook probably needs a meh button -- hello, shruggie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ -- for those times when you really couldn't care less about whatever strange, crazy or offensive thing your wacky family and friends are sharing.