Conan finds Samsung guilty

On the Conan O'Brien show, it seems clear who between Samsung and Apple is the party that deserves to go down.

TeamCoco/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

A court case about patents only truly becomes significant if comedians begin to offer their perspective.

How significant, then, that Conan O'Brien tonight used his TBS show -- which I believe some people still watch -- to explain to the jury of America where the guilt lies.

I am grateful to 9to5Mac for directing to this fine and very profound piece of footage.

For, incredibly, Conan has managed to get a Samsung VP of marketing to explain -- very fully -- that there is no way on earth his company would copy Apple's devices.

Nick Wood takes pains to explain that Samsung's phones have a gray edge. He shows the Galaxy Tab next to an iPad and declares "not even close."

Then, as he walks the halls of his fine company, he educates us on how Samsung's originality extends to its domestic appliance range, especially a very magical and revolutionary washing machine.

I am sure that no members of the real jury can possibly have been watching this show.

Because the courts employ hackers -- previously Googlies, I hear -- to spy on jurors' Wi-Fis and TVs, don't they?