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Computer prodigy Aaron Swartz remembered

The suicide of an Internet activist sparks a movement on Twitter, the iPhone may be losing its cool with teenagers, and ends its unlimited plan.

Monday's CNET Update:

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Stories from today's tech news roundup:

- Internet activist Aaron Swartz, 26, committed suicide. He faced $4 million in fines and 50 years in prison for chargest hat he stole millions of academic papers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and from JSTOR. In the wake of his death, MIT is conducting an investigation of the school's role in the events before he took his life. Researchers have paid tribute to Swartz by posting links to copyright-protected papers on Twitter, to honor his campaign for open access to documents on the Internet.

- Samsung's Galaxy S smartphones have crossed the 100 million sales mark. The first model launched in May 2010.

- Apple is cutting back on screen orders for the iPhone 5, possibly due to weak demand, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

- Marketing agencies are seeing the iPhone slipping in popularity with teenager opinion surveys, according to Forbes.

- is ending its unlimited subscription plan of $25 a month. Instead, it's moving to a plan similar to Audible, where $15 a month gets you one audio book, and $23 offers two books for the month.

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