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Computer monitor tossed over fence by FedEx man

In a YouTube video that is causing amusement and pain, a FedEx delivery man takes a package containing a Samsung computer monitor from his truck and then simply tosses it over a fence.

I always wondered how Santa gets things down the chimney without them being covered in soot.

Which sometimes makes me wonder how, at Christmas time, those nice men from FedEx always ensure the package arrives absolutely, positively in one piece.

Then I saw this YouTube video, one that suggests that, perhaps, FedEx guys don't always try to ensure things arrive whole. In this case the package was a Samsung computer monitor.

It is unclear where this video was taken or who the poster is. Which will, of course, lead to some skepticism as to its real-lifeness.

However, the poster claims on YouTube that this is surveillance video from his house. The short video shows a FedEx Guy picking the box out of his truck and simply tossing it over a gate into a garden. It was posted Monday night.

The poster writes: "Here is a video of my monitor being 'delivered'. The sad part is that I was home at the time with the front door wide open. All he would have had to do was ring the bell on the gate. Now I have to return my monitor since it is broken."

Some might imagine that the monitor was already broken and that the gentleman from FedEx was merely tossing it over the fence to put it out of its misery.

The folks at FedEx HQ, though, seem a little perturbed. This might be because more than 1 million people have already watched this scene. The Daily Mail quotes a FedEx spokeswoman who said of the as-yet-unlocated employee: "This won't be his best day."

I am sure she might mean that from a purely corporate perspective. But fame is a strange beast. Perhaps, once found, he will soon be interviewed by Jay Leno, who will ask him the same as he asked Hugh Grant: "What were you thinking?"

I will certainly not be the one to suggest that, given that the monitor is a Samsung, the FedEx employee is a critical Apple fanboy, miffed at the current spat between the two companies.

Perhaps he merely became over-excited at the return of the NBA season.