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'House of Cards' is more plausible than real politics, says Kevin Spacey

"I wonder is this unbelievable?" Spacey asks himself of storylines in the Netflix political drama. "Then I turn on the television and watch the news."

The fourth season of "House of Cards," starring Kevin Spacey, debuted amid the US presidential primaries.

Looking at the dramatic and bizarre antics of real American politicians, "House of Cards" doesn't go far enough, says actor Kevin Spacey.

Spacey plays devious politician Frank Underwood in the drama, whose fourth season went live on Netflix last month amid the US presidential election.

"We'll have a storyline that we'll be attacking and I wonder have we gone too far?" he said. "Have we crossed the Rubicon? Is this unbelievable or kind of crazy? Then I turn on the television and watch the news -- and we haven't gone far enough."

Asked how Underwood compared with some of the real-life candidates currently making headlines, Spacey remarked, "We need to remember that he's a fictional character, and some of the candidates running appear to be fictional characters."

The actor was speaking onstage here in Paris at a showcase event for Netflix, the streaming service that produces "House of Cards" and other shows. Executives and actors are in France to spotlight new shows, including the company's first French and British productions.

Spacey describes "House of Cards" as a "parallel universe" in which the show's creators timed their fictional election to coincide with the real election. "It's interesting to look at politics and look at how we expose things in our programme," he said.

Spacey said some politicians he personally knows say "House of Cards" offers a cynical view of politics while others tell him that "it's closer to the truth than anyone would like to know."