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Company turns Four Loko booze into car fuel

The fratty malt-liquor beverage can no longer be sold in its current form per the FDA, but a Virginia ethanol recycling company is taking the excess inventory and running cars on it.

Four Loko, we hardly knew thee. But our cars still have a chance.
Flickr user Mulling it Over

The rising popularity of Four Loko, a party beverage both beloved and reviled for its unique and sometimes dangerous mix of alcohol and caffeine, was finally quashed when several states banned it and the Food and Drug Administration sent warning letters to its manufacturers.

The FDA and other authorities were concerned about caffeine's potential to make the effects of alcohol less noticeable and ultimately worse--as well as the brand's popularity among underage drinkers.

So what to do with all the leftover booze? According to an Associated Press story, one company in Virginia is turning it into car fuel.

MXI Enterprises, an ethanol recycling company based in Abingdon, Va., told the AP that it would be taking in a "couple of hundred truckloads" of cases of Four Loko that won't be sold now that its manufacturers have opted to pull it from shelves or reformulate it so that it doesn't include the monster caffeine jolt. MXI then distills the alcohol and sells it to companies that will mix it into car fuel, the story explained. The cans are also recycled, as are the cardboard cases and water from the drinks.


Meanwhile, Four Loko parent company Phusion Products has said that it will be rejiggering the malt liquor beverage's recipe so that caffeine, guarana, and taurine are excluded. Which really means you might as well be drinking a Smirnoff Ice.