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Community moves: Chris Blizzard leaves Red Hat for Mozilla

Chris is moving on to Mozilla's shores to evangelize the open web.

I'm late to the going away party on this one, but just noticed it on Stephen O'Grady's blog that Chris Blizzard is leaving Red Hat to join the evangelism team at Mozilla.

As for what?s next, starting in mid-November I will be joining the Evangelism team at Mozilla Corporation. Working with Shaver, Deb, Eric, John and Mark to help tell the story of the Open Web. My role will be to work with other open source projects that are well aligned with Mozilla?s mission and help them take part in writing that story.

I suppose this isn't a surprise. Chris has been heavily involved with Mozilla for some time, sitting on its board and contributing code. What I'm wondering is what will happen to Chris' involvement in the One Laptop Per Child project, with which he has been intricately involved....

At any rate, Mozilla is richer for his joining full-time with the project. And what, exactly, will Chris do there? Well, no doubt he'll be spending warm summer days indoors, writing frightening verse to a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg. You know, the usual. :-)

(Pardon The Smiths lyricism. I couldn't help it.)