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Coming soon: Natalie Portman as Web portal?

The actress is reportedly interested in webcasting her life.

Can Justin.TV compete with Queen Amidala?

ValleyWag is reporting that actress Natalie Portman is shopping a project to broadcast a continuous video feed of her work and personal life. The actress reportedly met with venture capitalists in Silicon Valley to seek funding for the project.

Portman isn't alone in looking for new online outlets. Dave Networks, for instance, is building Web sites for stars--said to include Will Smith and Jessica Alba--that that would let them own, distribute and "monetize" their own content.

Many celebrities have documented their lives on television and in movies; and unofficial tapes of starlets and other Hollywood types frequently pop up on the Web (though not always with the approval of the actors in question). It's not that surprising, then, that someone would just start doing the broadcasts themselves.

Blog community response:

"And why not stream video yourself? If you're Brittany or Lindsay or Paris, you either spend all of your time trying to get on TV or in the newspaper, or you find yourself hounded by photographers and video-cameras trying to put you there anyway. Why not take control of the process? And if you think no one would subscribe to an all-Natalie channel, I expect that you are quite wrong."
--Mathew Ingram

"She hasn't even announced the project, and who knows whether it'll ever come to light. But just wait till Paris hears about this idea. Welcome to the new fame, the arms race to ubiquity."
--Reel Pop

"Is this really a sad way for Hollywood to revive the mystique it once held over all of us? I think that may be closer to the truth. I hope she can hang with the big dogs, because once she enters the lifecasting dome, it's survive or be eaten alive."
--Technically Speaking