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Comic-Con Preview Night offers more than an early look

The San Diego Comic-Con's Preview Night has exploded into an event in its own right, with everything from big movie set pieces to quiet moments with your favorite creators.

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Seth Rosenblatt

Embrace your inner nerd at Comic-Con Preview Night (pictures)

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SAN DIEGO--The first night of the 42nd annual Comic-Con brought in the hordes, giving attendees far more than a mere preview last night.

Originally a chance for exhibitors and professionals to enjoy the Con, fans who buy four-day passes can opt to get a Preview Night ticket, too. In turn, this gives vendors a chance to sell convention exclusives to an even wider audience, but it does cut down on the opportunities for those working the show to enjoy what's on display. Preview Night passes sold out within 90 minutes of going on sale earlier this year.

So what do you get for attending Preview Night, besides yet another opportunity to hobnob with your neighbor's shoulders? For the media, it's an opportunity to get a jump on the Con's bigger stories. For exhibitors and pros who are also fans, it's a chance to do some geeking out of their own.

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