Settlers of Catan parody takes on NY hipsters

Watch this fake ad for Settlers of Brooklyn, a fictional game of "entitlement, self-discovery and brunch" that roasts New York City's hipster culture.

You've probably heard of The Settlers of Catan, an award-winning board game where players trade, build and settle the fictional land of Catan. Comedy group Above Average has created a parody video for a fictional game called The Settlers of Brooklyn about the New York City borough's hipster culture.

In The Settlers of Brooklyn -- billed in the video as an "award-winning game of entitlement, self-discovery, and brunch" -- a 2000s-era New York City is basically devoid of "young adults with wealthy parents."

Players take turns trying to create a fully gentrified colony with items like used record stores, food trucks and Urban Outfitters. As they build this strange new world, players have five resources at their disposal: coffee, bicycles, vinyl, skinny jeans and kale. These resources can be used to do things like upgrade a player's loft into a condo or build an amazing brunch.

Players collect victory points along the way, and the first person to collect 10 victory points wins the game and is crowned Lena Dunham. Sounds like fun, eh? Check out the video in full at the top of this post, then expect to feel a bit sad that you can't actually play this nonexistent game.

The Settlers of Brooklyn looks like a pretty fun board game. Too bad it isn't real. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET