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Comdex: Mitsubishi boosts flat displays

The company moves ahead in the big, flat display market, rolling out a 22-inch version for desktop computers.

Mitsubishi Electronics moved ahead in big, flat computer displays, offering a flat 22-inch conventional desktop monitor and an 18-inch LCD display.

Mitsubishi said the 22-inch monitor, with a viewable area 20 inches across, is the world's first totally flat monitor this size. The company showed the new Diamond Pro 2020u monitors at the Comdex show in Las Vegas.

The 22-inch monitor uses "Natural Flat" technology, a twist to the standard cathode ray tube (CRT) technology that underlies the vast majority of monitors. The "Natural Flat" technology compensates for the perception that the completely flat image is actually concave, according to a Mitsubishi statement.

The LCD 80 monitors feature an automatic setup button to control contrast, black level, horizontal and vertical position, timing, and other LCD parameters.

In addition, Mitsubishi unveiled its 1000-lumen portable X120 LCD projector, targeted at mobile professionals who must give presentations while on the road. It's a step up from Mitsubishi's X100 projector, which could display only 600-lumen brightness, but features the same 1024 x 768-pixel resolution.

The Mitsubishi projectors also can display "a compressed resolution" of 1280 x 1024 pixels.