Comdex 2001: Pricey toys, few buyers

Techies say no to expensive bottled oxygen, and with fewer attendees this year, cabbies lament, "No fare." Was Comdex successful, despite the low turnout?

CNET News staff
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Shaking a hardware hangover

By CNET News.com Staff
November 15, 2001, 12:00 p.m. PT

Techies say no to pricey bottled oxygen, and a paucity of attendees has cabbies lamenting, "No fare." Smaller overseas outfits take the place of big-name vendors on the show floor. Comdex Fall 2001 winds down from a watered-down show, packed with games, gadgets and gab-fests. Ready for next year?

Today's Comdex stories

Plenty of hot, expensive air at Comdex
reporter's notebook Comdex's pain turns out to be Canada's gain, and techies say no to pricey bottled oxygen.

Corel reinforces Mac commitment
Demonstrating how it has forsaken its PC-only heritage, the company announces new software titles for Mac OS X. Adobe: Are you watching?

Speedier wireless: The battle's on
Consumers and businesses are just beginning to adopt the first wireless networking technology. But tech companies are already bickering over the technology's successor.

eBay eBay CEO toasts Comdex crowd
Chief Executive Meg Whitman hails the company's return to alcohol sales, announcing the company's newest category: wine.

Ironing out cell phones' Web wrinkles
New cell phone technology, improved networks and better software will make Web browsing via cell phones a more popular communications feature, Openwave Systems' CEO says.

From the floor: Get these gadgets now!
A cell phone married to a PDA? How about a video camera that connects wirelessly to the Internet? Check out some of the latest technology gadgets being shown at Comdex.

Oracle Handspring: Security could be our business
Co-founder Jeff Hawkins identifies a number of directions in which the cell phone and handheld computer industries are headed, and he says improved security is a concern.

IBM prepares sequel to Summit server
Depite being months away from launching the Intel server, Big Blue already is contemplating a 32-processor successor as well as licensing the first model to other companies.

Intel has Transmeta in server crosshairs
HP and Compaq plan to release single- and dual-processor systems based on a new CPU from Intel, in the first of two server attacks on Transmeta.

So, where are all the people?
The IT industry's biggest trade show is attracting the smallest crowd in a decade despite attempts to reassure attendees with increased security.

IBM shows off its new server family
Big Blue plans to flaunt its new family of servers this week and announce them later this month, inside sources say.

Oracle Ellison: Let's make a deal
You can't trust Microsoft, Oracle's CEO says. During a press conference, he spells out a plan to swap Microsoft e-mail systems to Oracle's 9i software. An additional surprise: Oracle will fall short of earnings expectations.

see tech trends: CNET.com: What's hot, and not, at Comdex The new Comdex: Hurry up and wait
Those who attend the trade show are used to lines--lines for taxis, lines for speeches. But this year there is a new line: the one for the metal detector.

Sun figures in Nokia phone standard group
The alliance will back a variety of nascent standards that merge wireless communications with more Internet-like features.


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