Color your typing skills

KeyRight keyboard has color-coded finger zones that will help with learning to type accurately.

Dong Ngo SF Labs Manager, Editor / Reviews
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Dong Ngo
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I remember learning how to type a long time ago with a fake keyboard sketched on a piece of paper. It was fun trying to imagine and remember all the keys' position, though I would never want to have to repeat that exercise. Good news is you don't have to, at least not the imagining part.

The color-blind need not apply, but KeyRight just recently introduced what is arguably the most colorful keyboard in the world. It's a part of the company's Look & Learn typing solution for those who want to quickly and accurately use a keyboard.

The KeyRight keyboard looks and works just like any other QWERTY USB keyboards with the exception that it comes with keys color-coded into different finger zones. These zones help you memorize which keys are used with the proper fingers, which will help to create muscle memory. For example, the left-hand pinkie finger uses all the red keys, and the right-hand pinkie uses pink keys.

The solutions also comes with a Typing Tutor, a software program that teaches you how to type step by step. KeyRight says that its solution can help a person become a typist within six hours.

Personally, I think the keyboard is pretty cool for kids and helpful for beginners. Ultimately, you don't want to look at the keyboard, but the screen, when typing.

If you feel you need to color up your fingertips, the KeyRight Look & Learn Typing Solution is available for $39.95, about the price of an expensive multimedia keyboard.