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Colbert starts iPad campaign at the Grammys

The Comedy Central star pulls an iPad out of his pocket and claims he got it in his gift bag.

In case you were wondering how Apple intended to advertise the iPad, the answer might just be "very well."

At Sunday's Grammys, Stephen Colbert approached the deeply onerous task of reading out the nominees for Song of the Year with singular glee. Because just as he looked lost, trying to remember where the list of nominees was, he whipped out an iPad from inside his jacket pocket.

It was real. It was on. When he turned it, the screen went from vertical to landscape. And you see how portable it is, people? You can slip one inside your dinner jacket. Even a rented dinner jacket.

Jay-Z joined in the amusement as Colbert wondered whether the rapper and mogul hadn't received an iPad in his gift bag, too. Colbert then asked his daughter, who was also in the audience, whether he finally looked cool. She demurred, with a pleasantly understated performance.

In case any of you might have wondered whether this was a complete coincidence and not a blatant and winning piece of what was once called product placement, might I suggest you cut down a little on some of your evening habits.

The iPad campaign has only just begun.