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Coca-Cola Ginger will spice up the holidays

The drink is considered a warming flavor in Japan, but in Australia, it's marketed as the new "taste of summer."

Sometimes it seems like the best (and by "best" I mean "craziest") new junk food flavors don't make it to the US.

We're not getting the Nutella burger served at McDonald's Italy or the Cheetos quesadilla served at Taco Bell in the Philippines. But you'd think the ultimate all-American product, Coca-Cola, would save its wacky flavors for its native sons and daughters.

You'd think wrong. Coca-Cola Ginger has already been released in Australia, and on January 23, it's coming to Japan, Rocket News 24 reports.

Yes, you read that right: Spicy, fragrant ginger is blended into fizzy, bubbly Coke for a beverage you'll likely either love or spit down the drain.

Ginger Coke is coming to Japan.

Coca-Cola Japan

Coca-Cola teased its Japanese customers a little with a tweet sent on December 17 suggesting that the new limited-edition drink would contain one of four flavors, either wasabi, pickled plums, ginger or chili peppers. Uh, ginger was probably the best choice by a country mile, we're going to say.

While ginger is considered a warming flavor in Japan, Coca-Cola writes on its site, the drink was first introduced last month in Australia, where it's summer. There it was branded as "the new taste of summer," and while some on social media are saying it's hard to find, others are loving it.

Though not everyone was a fan.

Regardless, if you want to try it in Japan, better hop on the bullet train. Both there and in Australia, it's available for a limited time only.