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Coat your walls with sound-absorbing 'dragon skin'

A Madrid-based couple has created a series of tiles to add a cool, sound-deadening flair to any room. Arrange them right and they'll look like the side of a dragon.

Ginko Tiles
Not only will these tiles absorb the impressed stares of your friends, they'll absorb sound as well.
Stone Design
Ginko Tiles
When you can go for dragon skin, why would you choose fluffy clouds instead? Stone Designs

Stone Designs out of Spain has created a series of acoustic tiles modeled after ginkgo leaves. Made of felt, these tiles can be arranged on your wall in a variety of patterns to not only increase its aesthetic appeal, but to make your rooms less echoey.

While you can combine these leaf-shaped tiles into patterns resembling a cloudy sky as seen to the right, the much cooler option is to go with a pattern resembling dragon skin -- nice and soft dragon skin.

The tiles affix to the wall with velcro so you can easily rearrange them to make different patterns. But once you've got the "mother of dragon design" hanging in your home, why would you want to change it?

There's a neat synergy between dragons and ginkgo trees by the way, considering that the trees have survived pretty much unchanged since our planet's Jurassic period and dragons come from ancient times as well (you knew about that, right?).

Also, dragons have super-tough skin and, as it turns out, so do ginkgo trees. In fact, there are actually several ginkgos in Japan that survived the Hiroshima atomic blasts in 1945.

As of now, the tiles aren't for sale in the U.S., but they are being distributed around the world by Swedish purveyor Blå Station. I'm sure if you get in touch with them, they'll arrange for delivery to your soon-to-be-cool pad. If they don't agree, just threaten to send a dragon to burn down their headquarters.