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CNN, YouTube to unveil presidential debate details Thursday

In a press call, executives from both companies will reveal their joint plan for handling video content from CNN's presidential debates.

In a press call on Thursday morning, CNN and YouTube will unveil the details for the cable news channel's upcoming presidential debate coverage, claiming that the two are "teaming up to provide an unprecedented debate format offering voters a larger role than ever before in debate history."

The press event will feature Jon Klein, president of CNN U.S.; David Bohrman, CNN's senior vice president and Washington, D.C. bureau chief; Chad Hurley, YouTube's CEO and co-founder; and Steve Grove, YouTube's news and politics editor.

The traditional ownership format of televised presidential debate content, which allotted all rights to the network that broadcast the event, came under high-profile scrutiny this spring. A host of prominent politics and new-media figures co-signed a letter to the heads of the Democratic and Republican parties asking them to support changing that model to allow Internet users to share and "remix" the video online. Some networks responded by making content available on their Web sites, but this appears to be the first time that a news channel has partnered with a video-sharing site for this specific purpose.

Stay tuned for updates on CNN and YouTube's plan--the press event starts at 8:30 AM Pacific time.