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CNET's top-rated 22-inch LCD computer monitors

CNET's top-rated 22-inch LCD computer monitors.

The HP P2275 is still my favorite 22-incher, thanks to its ergo options and S-PVA panel. Corinne Schulze/CNET

Another day, another roundup.

Yesterday, I posted a comparison of the best (and only) 23-inch LCD computer monitors CNET has reviewed. Now, this was a list--admittedly short--of 23-inch monitors CNET had acquired, put through rigorous testing, fondled, and passed through our lower intestines. I think.

Anyway, my point is the list of the best 22-inch monitors in the world doesn't end here. These are just the ones we've been able to spend some Q.T. with. I'd love to hear of any that we've missed and that you'd like to see us review.

BTW, I included both true 22-inchers and 21.5 inchers in the list, since some vendors consider 21.5-inch monitors to be 22-inchers, if we go by their naming conventions. (I'm looking at you, Dell SX2210).