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CNET UK podcast 473: A rumoured smaller iPhone, robots win at board games and Nokia's 360-degree camera

The UK's greatest tech podcast discusses the coming of the Hyperloop and humanity's latest defeat in the war between man and machine.

Loop us in? What does it meeeeeean?

What's Apple hiding up its massive shiny sleeves? Is it a new smaller iPhone designed to curb waning interest in smartphones? Or new Apple Watch software? On this week's edition of the UK's best tech podcast, we make our best guesses as to what Tim Cook and pals will be showing off on 21 March.

We're also discussing Elon Musk's bizarre Hyperloop train that's making its way to Europe. And we come to terms with the shameful news that a robot has beaten a human champion at Go, despite humans having had thousands of years to practise.

And that's not all! There's also Sony's stab at VR, and we tell you how Nokia's $60,000 camera might make all those VR headsets worthwhile. Finally we implore you to watch our cross-European road trip, in which we drive 1,000 miles in a Tesla Model S. Check out part one embedded below, then watch parts two and three.

We're always hungry for your feedback, so pop your thoughts in the comments below or drop us a line at cnetukpodcast [at] cbsi.com. Oh, and if you've enjoyed the show, why not leave us a glowing review on iTunes? Hit play and enjoy.

CNET UK podcast 473

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