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CNET UK podcast 529: Google's Pixel 2 and the best video games of the year

An old friend joins the show to chat about all of Google's new gadgets and we break down the best video games that you should be excited about.

James Martin/CNET

Old friend Luke Westaway makes a triumphant return, freshly plucked from the YouTuber tree, washed, peeled and ready to go into the jam that is this week's show. 

Andy and Luke discuss Google's brand new Pixel 2 smartphones, the weird camera thing it launched and whether Android-user Luke misses the sweet embrace of Apple. 

But why have a gaming YouTuber on the show if not to talk about games? That would be madness, of course, so the duo unpack all of the year's best games and give a whole armada of reasons to be excited about what's to come.

CNET UK podcast 529

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