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CNET UK podcast 527: Nokia's flagship and Andy's train-talking rage

Andrew Hoyle is joined by Katie Collins to discuss Nokia's new flagship Android phone and why chatting on the tube is bad for Andy.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The flagship Nokia 8 is finally here, and it's a thing of beauty. Andy is joined by Katie to chat about whether this glossy phone does enough to propel Nokia back into the mobile phone big leagues. 

The duo also discuss the Essential phone -- ex-Android bigwig Andy Rubin's handset. Will a modular 360-degree camera be enough to make this phone exciting? Andy doubts it.

In other modular phone news, high-end cinema camera company Red is launching a phone with a massive price tag but some pretty bold claims. 

Finally, in response to London Mayor Sadiq Khan's promise to bring 4G signal to the London Underground, Andy (rightly) gets vitriolic about people talking loudly on the phone on the train during morning commutes. Will 4G on the tubes mean more annoying phone calls in enclosed spaces? 

We've recorded the show from a kitchen on a Friday night so excuse the drop in sound quality. Hopefully we've more than made up for it with quality chat!

CNET UK podcast 527

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