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CNET UK podcast 516: Nokia's 3310 returns and the best of MWC 2017

Andy is joined by Nate Lanxon to discuss the most exciting smartphone launches of MWC and whether life without apps is really worth living.

The Nokia 3310 was reborn at this year's Mobile World Congress.
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

On this week's show, Andrew Hoyle is stuck by himself in a hotel room in Barcelona, but is joined via Skype by Nate Lanxon to chat about all the goings on at this week's Mobile World Congress.

Andy is using a very poor mic plugged into a phone so you will have to excuse the terrible audio quality this week.

The duo chat about the triumphant return of the Nokia 3310 and why Nate wants a basic feature phone as his main handset -- and whether he can live without apps.

Also, Andy explains why he's been enjoying using the LG G6 at the show and why Sony's strategy for releasing its phones is as stupid now as it was two years ago.

CNET UK podcast 516

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