CNET UK podcast 498: iPhone 7 hits shelves, Note 7 recalled and a tiny Lego sports car

The lack of a headphone port hasn't stopped stock of new iPhones from running dry, as Note 7 owners are told to stop using their phones.

Seriously folks, if you're using a Galaxy Note 7, it's time to turn it off, and sort out a replacement.

Mighty Neptune has blown his horn, ushering the water-resistant iPhone 7 and 7 Plus into his watery domain. By which I mean, Apple's new phones are on sale today. Starting in Australia, the global debut begins with the accustomed level of whooping, queuing and spending -- even after Apple warned stock of the most desirable models is already running dry.

We get Katie's view of the London launch, plus all the tech news that's fit to jabber about on the UK's best tech podcast. The US government is wading into the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall situation, telling owners to stop using their phones immediately. If you're in the UK and own a Note 7, it's time to turn it off and exchange it -- here's Samsung's page on what to do, and how to contact UK networks and retailers.

We explain what's going on (and pontificate on what it could mean for Samsung), then leap into a big pile of loose news -- from Julian Assange's arrest warrant being upheld, to Amazon bringing a very British version of the Echo to our fair shores. Oh, and you'll hear from the man who convinced Lego to build a teeny-tiny replica of the Caterham Seven 620R, which you can buy next month.

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CNET UK podcast 498

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