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CNET UK podcast 491: Pokemon Go hasn't helped Nintendo, solar flight success and 'Jason Bourne' reviewed

The massively popular game is doing little for Nintendo's woeful bottom line, but a plane has circumnavigated the globe without a drop of fuel -- and lots more on this week's podcast.

Blurred overview of map on Pokemon Go app.
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go might still have an iron-tight grip on human social behaviour, but the mobile gaming phenomenon has done very little to line the coffers of Nintendo -- the House of Mario confirmed big quarterly losses, in the same week it reminded investors that it didn't actually, y'know, make the monster-catching game.

Elsewhere the Solar Impulse sun-powered plane has completed its historic jaunt around the planet, and Amazon's Dash grocery scanner is coming to the UK -- should Tesco be worried?

Elsewhere customer details of O2 customers has been found for sale on the dark web -- a sobering reminder of why reusing passwords across is a bad idea -- and Ofcom says BT has to make its Openreach subsidiary an independent organisation.

As if that wasn't enough, which it definitely would be, Rich has also got his review of the new Bourne movie, and a look forward to Samsung's big launch event next week, where we're expecting to see a new Note smartphone.

CNET UK podcast 491

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