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CNET UK podcast 475: HoloLens, Rich's comic find and the fork of the future

Microsoft's AR headset rumbles ever closer. Meanwhile the feds don't need Apple's help in cracking an iPhone, and Rich digs up an old letter from a "Batman v Superman" writer.

Microsoft is shipping its Hololens augmented reality kit to developers.
Juan Garzón/CNET

Microsoft is shipping its HoloLens gadget to developers, in a sign that the quirky augmented-reality headset is inching closer to becoming a commercial reality.

We discuss the state of AR and VR, and whether manufacturers are doing enough to give members of the public a chance to give these weird new technologies a try. On this week's episode of the UK's greatest tech podcast, we're also pondering news that the FBI doesn't need Apple to unlock an iPhone, and a high-tech fork that electrocutes salt flavour into your mouth.

As if that's not enough, Rich has struck geek gold, unearthing a fan letter sent to the "Captain America" comic 30 years ago, penned -- it would appear -- by Dave Goyer, now a prolific screenwriter who recently worked on "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." Rich is also subjected to a surprise Captain America quiz, in a bid to put his superhero knowledge to the test.

We're always hungry for your feedback, so pop your thoughts in the comments below or drop us a line at cnetukpodcast [at] Oh, and if you've enjoyed the show, why not leave us a glowing review on iTunes? Hit play and enjoy.

CNET UK podcast 475

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