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CNET UK podcast 469: Apple vs. the US government and MWC's most wanted

This week we discuss Tim Cook, who doesn't want to risk the FBI being able to snoop at your iPhone. And we look forward to the gadgets due next week at Mobile World Congress.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has hit back at the FBI's "chilling" request for an iPhone 'backdoor'.
Josh Miller/CNET

Apple has spoken out following a federal judge's order that the iPhone-maker help the FBI crack into a device used by a terrorist, saying in an open letter than doing so would set "a dangerous precedent."

On this week's episode of the UK's greatest tech podcast, we break down the complexities of the argument and delve into the rest of the week's top tech news. How about -- for instance -- a service for livestreaming medical emergencies to nearby medics?

We also chat about the appearance of an Apple Watch in a TV remake of "Lethal Weapon" (yes, that's really a thing), and look forward to all the red-hot tech that's going to be revealed at Mobile World Congress, which kicks off in Barcelona next week. CNET will be on hand to bring you all the coverage you could possibly need, so bookmark that link.

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CNET UK podcast 469

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