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CNET UK podcast 464: Hydrogen, humans and the future of cars

Andrew Hoyle is joined by Roadshow's Drew Stearne to talk about the future of electric and hydrogen cars, autonomous driving, and why your car may be forced to kill you.

Google Self-Driving Car
Google's self-driving car: Now featuring working lights!

It's a celebration of all things automotive as Senior Editor Andrew Hoyle is joined by Roadshow Executive Producer Drew Stearne. Following the Detroit Auto Show, this week we're discussing the most exciting developments in car technology.

Up for discussion on the UK's best tech podcast this week are the latest and greatest hydrogen-powered vehicles coming out of Detroit, why Google's so-called autonomous cars still need humans to stop them crashing into things and why your autonomous car may decide that you, the driver, are expendable.

If you're as thrilled as we are about the tech-filled world of cars then you'll want to keep your eyes firmly fixed on CNET's brand new automotive home, Roadshow. If you're not fussed about cars and are upset that we didn't talk about anything else, then sorry about that -- normal service will be resumed next week.

CNET UK podcast 464

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