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CNET UK Podcast 285: Galaxy S3, O2 Wallet and ZX Spectrum

The ZX Spectrum is 30. It quickly became a gaming legend -- much to Spectrum's dismay. Should gadget-makers always listen to fans?

The ZX Spectrum is a gaming legend -- much to the dismay of the people who built it. So who owns the destiny of a gadget: the makers with their vision, or the fans who adapt the gadget to their needs? And when did gaming become mainstream anyway?

Don your spaceflight suits and join the CNET UK team as we strap into our news rocket and blast off for our weekly excursion around the technology galaxy.

Rich, Andy and Luke get excited about the latest rumours ahead of the fast-approaching Samsung Galaxy S3 unveiling on 3 May; send money like a text with new app O2 Wallet; and wonder whether Google Drive sounds more like a satnav than a new online storage service.

Luke celebrates 30 years of the ZX Spectrum, Andy geeks out about new Intel Ivy Bridge processors and Rich dodges spoilers with an app that hides football scores as you browse the web. But which bit of tech claims the Crave kudos and wins the day?

Plus our trusty friend Otamatone says more with a funny noise than we ever could with words in his review of the Canon PowerShot SX260 HS.

And we turn to you, handsome listener, for your thoughts in the feedback section. What were your favourite vintage video game moments? Would things be different today if Spectrum embraced gaming? Should gaming makers stick to their vision or adapt to what users reckon they want?

Whether you're looking for help with a recalcitrant gizmo or just need to blow off steam about the tech issues getting you hot under the collar, leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page -- where you can mingle with like-minded gadget fiends and get a glimpse behind the scenes at CNET Towers.

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