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CNET UK Podcast 281: Should Apple be selling the iPad as 4G?

We discuss whether Apple should be allowed to sell the new iPad as '4G', plus all the week's tech news.

It's been unseasonably hot in the UK this week, which is fitting as Apple is in hot water over claims that its new iPad's 4G billing is misleading. Should the company be allowed to sell a '4G' tablet in countries where it won't ever get 4G speeds?

That's the subject of our feature on this week's podcast, in which myself (standing in for regular host Rich Trenholm), Andy and Jason set the tech world to rights on everything from T-Mobile price hikes, to Samsung selling a shedload of Galaxy Notes, and a court declaring that the Asus Transformer Prime tablet is not in fact a robot from space.

Once the news shoes have been removed, we'll move onto Crave -- the section of the show where we talk about our top tech of the week, competing for the adoration of our mystery arbiter.

Jason's fond of the new-look The Gadget Show, while Andy is all about Angry Birds Space, the new version of the popular fowl-flinging timewaster that sees our favourite feathered friends battling pigs in zero gravity. This week I'll be craving the Samsung SUR40, a coffee table made by Samsung that uses an interesting type of touchscreen tech.

As usual, we'll also be rattling through your own keen insights, questions and comments, awarding a CNET UK badge to the one we like the best. Then we'll be rounding off with another episode of Otamatone review. This week Otamatone turns his razor-sharp mind toward the Amazon Kindle Touch 3G, which is due to arrive in the UK in April.

As always, we welcome your comments or suggestions -- let us know how we're doing on our Facebook page, via Twitter or drop us a line in the comments box below. Happy listening, folks!

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