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CNET UK Podcast 272: Classic console combat

Cast a misty-eyed glance at your formative gaming years to celebrate the Sega Mega Drive being named the best vintage console ever.

What's your favourite retro games console? We cast a misty-eyed glance at our formative gaming years to celebrate the Sega Mega Drive being crowned king of the classic consoles.

But it's not just a nostalgia-fest, as we catch up with the cutting-edge of up-to-the-second new technology. We explode with outrage at O2 sharing our phone numbers, meet a new Fujitsu concept that combines laptop, phone and tablet, and take a look at a week of contrasting fortunes for booming Apple and busting Nokia.

What is Apple doing right that Nokia is getting so wrong -- and is it darkest before the dawn for the Finnish phone-fabricaters?

And we speculate whether the Samsung Galaxy S3 will arrive in the next month, or will Samsung try and emulate Apple with a delayed launch?

Plus as usual we pick our top tech of the week in Crave. Andy makes sweet music with the Orange OPC, a citrus-hued mash-up of computer and amplifier. Luke keeps his valuables safe in another dimension with the iPhone-powered TARDIS safe, and Rich checks out what's on Google TV.

In the feature, we indulge in a little consular nostalgia, looking back at the video games we grew up with, in the week that the Mega Drive is named the best retro console ever. Was it better than the N64? How many consoles did Luke own as a kid? When did video games become too complicated for Rich and his ageing thumbs?

And as the PlayStation Vita is challenged by the iPhone and casual gaming, we ponder if the portable console is dead. The Game Boy and Game Gear may be fondly remembered, but has the app store consigned the dedicated gaming handheld to the annals of history?

We asked you for your retro gaming reminiscences, and you didn't disappoint. We also answer your questions on the technology we'd develop if we had $100bn going spare, what we think of the Asus Transformer Prime, and whether genetically modified food will save the Earth. Plus we give out some solid gold interview tips when going for a tech job, like remembering to put trousers on when you head for the interview.

Finally, we introduce a new member of the team to review the Sony Tablet P. Tell us how much you love our new Otamatone Reviews feature in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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