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CNET UK Podcast 260: Will Nokia save Windows Phone?

Can Nokia save Windows Phone, and can Windows Phone save Nokia? That's the question in this week's episode of the CNET UK podcast.

Two titans of the tech world have teamed up -- but can Nokia save Windows Phone, and can Windows Phone save Nokia? And is it safe to buy a Nokia again?

That's just three of the burning questions we confront in the CNET UK podcast. We also take a look at the best tech of the week, including the Nokia Lumia 800, Dell XPS 14Z and Netflix.

We'll meet a man who loves his Nokia so much he's had it embedded in his arm, ponder where Sony will go now it's bought out the whole of Sony Ericsson for a billion quid, and weigh up the legal action launched over the recent BlackBerry meltdown, and ponder why you just don't get decent toys in cereal any more.

We're excited about our videos this week, including Rich's businesslike alter ego channelling Lord Sugar to test out Siri, and Andy's round-up of your favourite cars that we've reviewed here at CNET UK.

That's this week's podcast. It. Sounds. Awesome!

We round things out with your feedback, complete with bonus Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reference. Plus, we're giving away fantastic badges to a whole bunch of folks this week, so click play now to find out if you've won and how to claim your badge. Enjoy the show!

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