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CNET UK Podcast 256: Tinker tailor smart phone spy

We debate the pros and cons of tinkering with your tech, and take a look at the week's best gadgets.

You've bought your new gadget -- what's the first thing you do? Take the back off and fiddle about with it, of course. CNET UK columnist Jon Bentley thinks we should, so the podcast team debate the pros and cons of monkeying about.

Plus, we take a look at the headlines and the best tech of the week, and check out what you've been saying about the week's stories.

It's a three-way face-off in the world of the smart phone operating system: Windows Phone Mango is out now, with new versions of iOS 5 and Android also on the way. We're boldly going to Blu-ray when Star Trek: The Next Generation arrives in HD, and we're boldly going to the tech event of the year -- after the annual CNET UK wet t-shirt competition and hog roast, that is. It's the launch of the iPhone 5! iPhone 6, anyone?

Also in the news we take a look at the most popular story on CNET UK this week, our guide to turning on the Facebook Timeline today.

Rich is exploring with the new HTC Explorer, a smart phone for the rest of us. Luke attempts to explain how the B&W C5 headphones wedge into your lugholes, and Andy fans the flames of tablet PC passion with the Amazon Kindle Fire.

And in our feature, we follow the sage words of our star columnist Jon Bentley, who says on CNET UK this week that he would "recommend jailbreaking to anyone". Have you modded, messed with, altered or otherwise improved a gadget? Tell us about it in the comments or on our Facebook page. Don't forget to let us know what you think of the show on Twitter. Our favourite feedback each week wins a highly desirable CNET UK badge!

When you're done listening, check out more tech news, reviews and funtimes with added moving pictures at our videos section or our YouTube channel, youtube.com/cnetuk. Enjoy!

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