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CNET UK Podcast 255: What's the future of gaming?

Insert coin and press start for the CNET UK Podcast! We're powered up to discuss the future of gaming.

Insert coin and press start, we're taking on the future of gaming. Games on phones, games online, games all over the shop -- but what does the rise of the iPhone and OnLive mean for the big names in games?

But before that, we have to get this week's iPhone 5 news out of the way -- don't worry, we'll make it quick. Andy, Luke and Rich set the world to rights with a look at the past decade of television, the latest phones and some coffee machines.



In this week's Crave, we offer up the top technology of the week to our mysterious guest gadget arbiter is Judgement Degas, who's painting a picture of technology perfection.

Feature: What's the future of gaming?

Fancy playing a game? There's no console to hand and we can't be bothered to nip down to the game shop, but that doesn't matter any more. You can stream games right to your browser with OnLive, or just whip out your phone for some casual gaming jollies. The gaming industry has never been bigger -- but there's blood in the water and change in the air. Will mobile and online gaming kill the console? And have we gamified our lives too far?

For more gaming news and gossips stick with our button-bashing buddies at GameSpot UK.


Let's go to the phones, so to speak, and answer your questions. We can't promise hoverboards, but we can tell you some of our favourite webcomics:

And our pick of podcast apps for Android:

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