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CNET UK Podcast 234: Gadgets all the way from the USA

What's hot in American gadgetry? Kent German from joins us on the line from San Francisco to chat about the tech he's already seen we can still only dream about.

If you're hiding out from the hype of whatshisface and thingummybob's nuptials, we've got the perfect podcast antidote to royal wedding fever.

In a Bank Holiday special, we go straight to the rebels in the USA for the scoop on the best gadgets that have already made landfall in America, and are bound to come to the UK soon.

Flora is joined over the line by her cowboy-hat wearin', slang-talkin', phone-lovin' counterpart at, Kent German.

He tells us about what it's like to maul the BlackBerry PlayBook and the HP TouchPad tablets, whether Netflix and TiVo are worth the cash, and the down-low on 4G phones.

We also hear about what UK tech is considered crave-worthy across the Atlantic.

We'll be back next week with our regular podcast, guest-hosted by the inimitable Rich Trenholm.

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