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CNET UK Podcast 232: Are we taking our tech too seriously?

Is it right to call our phones our babies, or cry when we read a bad review of our favourite games console? Or are we taking our tech too personally?

We religiously celebrate our gadgets, but does our, er, intimate relationship with them sometimes go too far? That's the big question on the first podcast in the post-Ian era, as we also ponder Microsoft's SteetView rival, Fujitsu's fibre for farmers, and a robot that mows your lawn.


UK mobile subscribers overpaying £200 per year
Microsoft takes to the Streetside
5 million rural homes get super-fast broadband
AI project funded by Google wants to teach computers regret

In other news, the US Navy has successfully used a laser to set a boat on fire, Sony has settled with the guy who jailbroke the PS3, the Winklevi twins have been forced to accept a settlement worth $65m dollars, and the Gadget Show Live is on until Sunday.


Flora: HTC Sensation
Rich: Nokia X7
Luke: iPhone-controlled lawn mowers


This week we take a listen to Mike Lazaridis, the CEO of RIM, which makes BlackBerrys. He appeared to have some sort of emotional breakdown in the New York Times and on BBC Click. It seems he's sick of RIM not getting enough love from the public and the press, and he's not going to take it anymore. 

Now, your feedback is mother's milk to us, but we do feel the brunt of tech's most passionate fans when we lay down our hammer of judgement. We love that gadgets can make a grown man cry, but we have to ask -- like Mike, are we all taking tech too personally? Or does that thought process lead to distress and ultimately insanity?


Speaking of which, in the section made by you and recorded by us, we answer your questions. Are HTC phones becoming a samey sludge? Would you buy an ad-supported Amazon Kindle? And what are the team's predictions for the phone of the future?

Be sure to chuck your virtual rotten tomatoes and/or bouquets of virtual flowers in the comments below, or on our Facebook page. Next week, Flora will not be recording while wearing a bucket on her head, so the echo should be improved.

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