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CNET UK Podcast 231: Ian's reign of terror comes to an end

We crave two things that go underwater and one which doesn't, and we hear of the woman who broke the Internet for a whole country. Plus it's Ian's last episode!

For well over 100 podcasts, a maniacal, self-obsessed Apple hater has been presiding over the otherwise well-loved CNET UK Podcast. Finally there is good news: after a UN resolution and subsequent declaration of a no-fly zone above 5-11 Lavington Street we have finally managed to overthrow this crazed technology journalist.

But life carries on, and there's also the week's most interesting news stories, a waterproof video camera, a waterproof submarine and a not at all waterproof mobile phone.

This week's podcast graphic was provided by Marc Crane, who is without doubt the best human ever. We've uploaded the full size version too, so you can join us in Crane worship. Yes, that is Brian Blessed.


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INQ Cloud Touch spotify phone
GoPro HD Hero
Virgin Oceanic submarine


This week's discussion is about the best technology of the past four years and four months, to celebrate Ian's time here at the House of CNET. Surprisingly, Ian doesn't hate everything and there are some gadgets he's incredibly fond of. And a couple he really doesn't have much time for.

We discussed the best tech of the last four years and marvelled at how quickly everything has moved on. Don't forget, back then there was no such thing as an iPhone. Mindbending stuff.


This week, a Georgian woman has cut off Internet access to the whole of Armenia while digging for copper. Looking for a way to feed herself by selling scrap metal, the 75-year-old accidentally cut through a fibre-optic line with her spade. 

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