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CNET UK Podcast 221: What's the future of mobile gaming?

With Sony's new NGP handheld on the scene, we wonder if it has a chance against the Nintendo 3DS, and the all-pervasive iPhone. Plus there's the return of a much-loved feature.

Sony's new NGP handheld console has us wondering about the future of mobile gaming. It's hard to disagree that Nintendo has the right idea with its 3D console, but what is Sony bringing to the table, apart from more processing power? We discuss where the scene is heading and ponder whether the iPhone is now the king.

There's also the rest of the week's news, the most exciting Crave toys to talk about, and WTF makes a much-anticipated comeback.

Five arrested over 'Anonymous' Web attacks
Android Honeycomb details leak, new SDK released
O2 to offer free Wi-Fi to everyone
Sony NGP is the next-gen PSP

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
Facebook credits
Pagani Huayra

What is the future of mobile gaming? The iPhone is graphically impressive, it's a device that everyone carries with them all the time, and it's tiny. Other handheld consoles are less convenient and generally only appeal to more dedicated gamers.

But controlling iPhone games is a nightmare, and there are some people who don't want a phone that does anything but make calls. So what's the ultimate solution to gaming on the move? Travel Connect Four?

It's back, the most loved feature of all time. This week, we learn that the city of New York wants to ban people from using phones while crossing the road, or listening to music when they're out jogging. Fines of $100 and a court summons will be the reward of the defiant. Scary stuff.

Show us how big the new Sony NGP is
Make us an image showing the NGP in a scale that fits with your imagination, post it on our Facebook wall and we'll give the best a shout-out in next week's show. You can download press shots here, so let your imagination run wild. 

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