CNET UK Podcast 220: Will Apple survive without Steve?

As Steve Jobs takes more sick leave, we ask what the future holds for Apple. We also discuss the week's news and which gadgets are currently making us drool.

In this week's show, our debate focuses on Steve Jobs' medical leave from Apple. We ask how the company will be without him, and we also consider the man himself. We take a look at the week's news too, and the team members pitch their favourite gadget of the week, before trying to work out who has the coolest gear.


Windows Phone 7 handsets sending 'phantom data'
YouView could be delayed by as much as six months
Nintendo finally announces 3DS launch date
Steve Jobs takes sick leave from Apple


Government reveals specs for £100 PCs with a dollop of open source
Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air
Proporta TurboCharger 5000

If you're interested to know which gadget Judgement Dave favoured, then we're thrilled to tell you that he did, as predicted, pick the Proporta TurboCharger. That's hardly surprising, as Judgement Dave is himself battery-powered.

Feature: What is Apple's future?

Steve Jobs is taking medical leave again, and we wish him well. But we also can't help wondering what Apple will be like without him in charge.

Jobs will still have the final say on big decisions while he's looking after his health, but we reckon he'll want some time to enjoy himself too. After all, he's got a big pile of cash to spend. In Jobs' absence, we wonder whether we'll see a repeat of the Apple fiasco that occurred in the late '90s and early years of this century.

The single-syllable review, woot of the week, and Facebook feedback will return soon, once we're fully back into the swing of this glorious new year.

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