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CNET UK Podcast 218: It's CES time!

CNET UK decamps to Vegas for the annual techfest that is the Consumer Electronics Show, and we bring you all the gadgety highlights.

It's that hectic time of the year when CNET UK decamps to Las Vegas to bring you all the news and previews of the year's upcoming gadgets from the massive Consumer Electronics Show. We forgo the usual pleasures of craving our favourite gadgets and reviewing in a single syllable to give you the straight dope on the new hawtness in the tech world.

But first, the news...

Mac App Store opens
Star Wars Blu-rays available to pre-order
Ofcom lets networks use 2G spectrum for 3G mobile broadband

So what crazy tech's been freaking everyone out in Nevada? We get to grips with tablets, smart phones, tablets, Android 3.0, tablets, glassless 3D TVs, tablets, cameras, tablets, camcorders and maybe a few tablets if there's time.

Plus you tell us what you're most looking forward to getting your hands on in 2011 -- and what looks utterly useless. Sorry if we didn't read out your particular gems -- feel free to berate us in the comments below or on our Facebook wall.

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