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CNET UK Podcast 216: M-Zuck is 'person of the year'

As well as discussing Mark Zuckerberg being named Time magazine's 'Person of the Year', we ran through the week's most interesting tech news and picked the coolest new gadget of the week.

On the CNET UK podcast this week, hungover seasonally impaired people croaked for the duration of the show on subjects ranging from music and movie piracy, iPhone games and a Bluetooth speaker that will rock your world.

Twitter valued at $3.7bn
US film industry asking BT to block Newzbin2
1 billion tracks illegally downloaded in 2010

LG's dual-core Tegra Optimus 2X
Infinity Blade
Jawbone Jambox

Feature: Person of the Year
It's finally come to this: Mark Zuckerberg is Time magazine's 'Person of the Year'. Time was forced to conclude that, even though no one wants to use Facebook, and everyone who does hates it -- and themselves -- it has changed the world.

But we wonder if there was a better technology person of the year? Can you think of one? Use the comments below to tell us, or post on our Facebook wall.

Single-Syllable Review
In this week's single-syllable review, Luke uses only the very shortest of expressions to evaluate the Samsung Q430. If you want more detail, then as always, our reviews channel is the place to head for it.

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