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CNET UK Podcast 215: Are robots already plotting our demise?

This week, Flora and Luke performed a real life DDoS on Ian, and we pleaded with the robots to save our fragile bodies from their upcoming war against humanity.

On the show this week, we plead with our robot overlords to spare us from their inevitable skull-crushing programme, talked about the week's tech news and tried to decide who had the best Crave of the week.

We also gently poke each of you to vote in the last round of Greatest Gadget and assess the merits of the Motorola Milestone 2 using only a single syllable.

NASA forgot to wipe machines before selling them
Visa and MasterCard suffer DDoS attacks from WikiLeaks supporters
Google and Apple should help pay for mobile use, according to networks
Government to create fast fibre network using licence fee

TV for iPhone
Parrot AR drone
LTE broadband for notspots

Greatest Gadget
It feels like only yesterday we had 32 pieces of tech in our Greatest Gadget championship. Now we're down to just two, so get your vote in and decide if the iPhone or Xbox 360 is the best gadget of this century.

This week, we wondered if robots would eventually kill us all. We concluded they would, and would soon have the ability to do just that. So in the spirit of saving our own backsides, we decided to befriend them all in the hope they would spare us. We'll find out if it works when the robots take over in the coming weeks.

Single-Syllable Review
The single-syllable review this week comes to us from the voice box of Flora, who is passing her judgement on the Motorola Milestone 2. The full review can be seen on our site, for those yearning for more than just the one noise.

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