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CNET UK Podcast 214: Worst Gadget of the 21st Century

As we enter the final stretch of our Greatest Gadget championship, we talk about the worst tech of the last ten years. There's also talk of WikiLeaks and Virgin's new TiVo service.

This week on a snow-delayed CNET UK Podcast, we talked about WikiLeaks and Google's long-overdue Android app for its Reader service. We also discussed Google removing pirate-related search terms from its autocomplete service.

There was also chatter about the week's hottest technology from Crave, and try to decide who selected the most awesome thing. This week, it's Android 2.3 versus Trainyard versus Virgin TiVo. Find out what won in the show.

WikiLeaks does it again
Google Reader gets Android app
Google to remove piracy-related terms from autocomplete

Android 2.3 Gingerbread
Virgin TiVo

Greatest Gadget and Worst Gadget
We're now up to the semi-final of our Greatest Gadget hunt, so it seemed like a great time to talk about some of our least favourite tech of the last ten years. Is yours the Wii? Do you detest the N8?

You can't vote for the worst gadget of the 21st century -- although discussion is welcome on our Facebook page -- but you can vote for the greatest. So head over to our championship page before it's too late to have your say.

Next week is the final and your vote could have a massive influence on the overall winner. So get voting! 

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