CNET UK Podcast 213: Rory Reid versus Robert Llewellyn

Along with our favourite news stories and our salivating over the week's best gadgets, we stuck Rory Reid and Red Dwarf's Kryten in a car together to settle their differences over electric cars.

Ian Morris

Last week we gave you BRIAN BLESSED -- this week we're giving you video podcast and Red Dwarf legend Robert Llewellyn. What more could you possibly ask for? A guest appearance from a certain mechanoid butler? You got it.

In non-celebrity news, there was Facebook trademarking Face, the Israeli army tracking down draft dodgers and the week's best gadgets discussed in Crave.

Facebook trademarks the world Face
Israeli army uses Facebook to expose draft dodgers
Virgin may roll out national Wi-Fi network
Big fines for data protection slip-ups

Google Nexus S by Samsung
Apple-1 breaks records as vintage robot steps out of the pages of Dan Dare
Popcorn Hour A-210

Feature: Rory Reid vs Robert Llewellyn
A few weeks back, Rory called electric cars rubbish in a rather inflammatory article. As a result, TV star, video podcast producer and all-round nice guy Robert Llewellyn called him an idiot. We're inclined to agree with Robert to be honest, and not just because he's our favourite TV robot of all time.

Single Syllable Review
This week, Ian's back in the Single Syllable hot seat, and he's reviewing the Boxee Box using only a single sound. If you want to read the proper review, why not head over to the much more verbose assessment in our reviews channel?